Global Big Data Monitoring and Analysis Platform

Media monitoring   Business analysis   Brand management

Sentiment   Crisis management   Intelligent Report

  • Data overview

    Original Article Browse, Data backtracking
    omprehensive, timely, accurate

  • Data alert

    Keywords/Reprint/Machine judgment
    Trigger in various ways
    WeChat/SMS/website messages/Email

  • Data analysis

    Multi-dimensional visual module Interpretate big data
    Comprehensive Concise Intuitive
    Trend GEO Media

  • Intelligent push

    Based on all-round enterprise profile
    ssociate media information intelligently
    Push real-time emergency event

  • subscription

    Daily briefings Intelligent monitoring
    Customized reporting frequency
    View report content by subject

  • Global data source

    Based on YeeSight data acquisition & processing
    Explore the data of news and social media in 200+ countries/regions
    1.5 million standalone domain names & websites
  • Accurate analysis

    Based on multi-dimension algorithm model
    In visual diagram
    ender data analysis report accurately
  • Crosss-language search

    MT technology & professional corpus
    Supported by vertical field search engine technology
    Get media info via different languages

    Real-time data API incorporates data processing engine
    News social data update in seconds
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